Project Development And Strategic Management



Project auditing or "project review" are designed to evaluate the extent to which project plans and management standards are being followed. Most projects fail recurrently due to poor plans and audits which is key to determining project lesson learned and recommendations for improvement.

Our team of highly experienced and licensed PMP professionals is going to take you beyond normal practice of verification and project audits. Our methodologies and effective technological system is designed to effectively “check and balance", evaluate project quality, necessity, value, and examine the root cause of unknown project problems and failures. Our audit findings and recommendations have overwhelmingly improved projects of our clients and achieving their stated objectives and impacts over the last eight years.



We combine Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning practices with our experience in qualitative and quantitative evaluations across multiple development interventions with our expertise in fostering learning cultures in the Complexity-Aware Monitoring, Cost-Benefit Analyses, Data Collection & Management, Gender/Vulnerable Populations Analysis, Geographic Information Systems, Impact & Performance Evaluations, Organizational Learning and Systemic Analyses.

By integrating these rigorous evaluations and monitoring services with high-quality and on-demand analytical, capacity building, and knowledge management solutions, we seek to inform policies and improve program investments for global development, diplomacy, and security. We with extensive experience working with NGOs, Individuals Corporate and Government Institutions to ensuring that the culmination of all MEL activities result in recommendations that are actionable, usable, and contribute to organizational learning and strengthening process.



In today's competitive business environment, your ability to write wining proposals could mean the life, or death, of your entity. A sound Project Proposal is essential to success. Without disciplined proposal, the same strategy renders little value. Bil-lander will help you succeed where companies often fail. Our team of experts can develop a SMART winning Project Proposal for your organization regardless of size and objective.

We are also experienced in developing Programs or Projects that is relevant to your Organization’s goals. We render effective Performance Management for employees and Reporting of your ongoing Program/Projects. We advise on and execute your most complex initiatives to realize your desired results. We provide professional Project Management services (Developing, Executing and Monitoring and Evaluation) to a number of clients: NGOs, Government Ministries and Agencies, Corporate bodies, and Individuals across Africa. We deliver value for money by providing the highest standards of Project and Portfolio Management utilizing our experienced project managers to realize business benefits and deliver projects to time, cost and quality.



Recruitment of qualified and competent staffs coupled with measuring performance determines to what extend an organization achieve its stated objective. Uncovering the strongest candidates in today's marketplace requires more than simply posting a job opening online or running an ad in the local newspaper. Although these standard approaches can sometimes yield positive results, there are many other ways to ensure that you're recruiting competent candidates.

As a Recruiter, our highly trained Human Resources professionals recruits staffs for the just short and long term needs of our clients with our unique methods just uncovered for you. Staffs recruited and hired by our clients has shown consistent record of exceeding benchmark set by organization’s strategic plans for service delivery over the last eight years. Our Performance Management methodology is not only to set goals or targets for employees and report end results but also comes with a package designed full of strategies for mentoring, coaching and monitoring staffs performance for expected results.



An establishment of a Project Management Office (PMO) will help deliver strategic projects that satisfy both the Institution and customers. Over time, the PMOs have saved organizations money by enabling better resource management, reducing project failures and supporting those projects that offer the biggest payback.

Across all phases of establishment of your PMO, our team of professionals renders analyses for establishment from the actual state all the way to transitioning to regular operation, training and monitoring of desire staffs. The PMO is not only dedicated to expending organization funds on delivering strategic projects, but to identify funding opportunities in line with organization quest for quality service delivery. We use our efficient communication tools to disseminate the PMO generic framework and credible funding opportunities for our clients. The change management runs parallel to all activities including persuading all stakeholders of its benefits as quickly as possible and raises its acceptance to a generic approach.



As many organizations set priorities, focus energy and resources, strengthen operations, ensure that employees and other stakeholders are working toward common goals, and establish agreement around intended outcomes/results. But there are key results areas unnoticed and may not be captured which could result in the collapse of management priorities areas.

Our Strategic management team develops from complex to a more comprehensive plan that collects ongoing activities and processes to systematically coordinate and align resources and actions with strategy across an organization. Additionally, we transform the static plan into a system that provides strategic performance feedback to decision making and enables the plan to evolve and grow as requirement and other circumstances changes. Our internationally acclaimed team, have build credibility with our clients by developing easy-to-accomplish Strategic plans for Corporate Institutions, Non for profit Institutions, Government Entities and Religious Institutions across Africa.