Research Consultancy



Bil-Lander has substantial experience of undertaking both formative and summative evaluations across a range of programs and projects.

Typically, this involves the use of evaluation frameworks and logic model methods. Our evaluation studies cover some combination of the following:

  • Assessment of rationale for/appropriateness of intervention design
  • Assessment of implementation processes and delivery models
  • Review of performance management and monitoring systems
  • Assessment of target output, outcome and milestone achievements
  • Evaluation of impact including assessment of leakage, displacement and deadweight
  • Cost-benefit analysis and unit cost analysis
  • Provision of clear, actionable recommendations

We pride ourselves on providing clients with informative and usable reports that support decision making and policy development in order to improve the effectiveness of delivery. In addition, we regularly review our research methods in order to provide clients with leading edge, innovative approaches that complement more traditional, tried and tested research techniques.


Bil-Lander has substantial experience in undertaking economic and social impact assessments.

Our economic impact models are based on robust methodologies involving secondary data and primary research, including surveys of businesses and communities to provide clients with reliable estimates of employment, Gross Value Added and other benefits arising from proposed/actual activities.


ERS also has experience of non-traditional techniques, such as Social Return on Investment (SROI) and has a database of monetized values of social benefits that can be drawn upon as and when appropriate.

Typically, our work on feasibility studies involves some combination of our socio-economic analysis, market demand research, consultation, and business planning and impact assessment skills.

We have undertaken feasibility assignments for:

Bil-lander has successfully established existing supply, identified prospective demand, scoped future economic and social impacts and advised as to how best to take forward proposals in order to enhance prospects for success.