Professional communication, Uncountable features, Unlimited extensions

IP-Desktop-Applications_contentBuying and maintaining traditional analog PBX (private branch exchange) solutions has always cost far too much for most small and midsize businesses. The hard-wired nature of analog systems makes them complex and inflexible, driving up costs. But IP PBX appliances let even the smallest of companies quickly deploy systems that have powerful features and also accommodate analog services and phones. An IP PBX translates incoming calls from the PSTN (public switched telephone network) voice format into data streams amenable to digital processing and routing over your existing network.

If you are considering a new in-house PBX then an IP-PBX should be your primary choice, voice over IP is the future.  Investing in a software-based IP PBX makes both financial and good business sense, for new companies purchasing a new business phone system, and also for companies who are looking to replace an existing PBX. IP telephony is the way of the future and an IP-PBX will bring to your business cost savings in management, maintenance, and phone call costs, plus additional cost benefits from added efficiencies.

Benefits of IP PBX phone system include:

Cost savings, less hassles and improved business productivity. The advent of internet telephony has created a new revolution in the business communication field. If you could switch on to IP PBX phone system, it will bring about greater benefits for your budding business than a conventional phone system. This is an ideal telecommunication solution for businesses with multiple branch offices and small business operators.

  • Cut Down Additional Telecommunication Costs

As an IP PBX phone system functions with the help of web interface, you can save on the costs of adding additional phone lines for each and every extension. Just a single telephone system and a broadband internet connection is enough to connect your multiple extensions. You can save on the costs of installation, repair and ongoing maintenance of any extra hardware in your premises.

  • Quick and Easy to Set up Call Handling Features

An IP PBX phone system comes with a wide variety of advanced call handling features. While making calls to your office, the callers are presented with a range of custom menu options such as dial by name, dial by extension, voice mail, and fax mail. You can even customize the auto attendant to play business-hours and after business hours welcome greetings. All incoming calls will be automatically directed to the concerned extension phone lines within no time, with the advanced call forwarding feature of this phone system. In order to convey the messages to the user, the callers can make use of voice mail, fax mail and email fax services.

  • Present an Impressive Image of Your Business

One of the major benefits of IP PBX phone systems is that these can enhance the image of your small business. Since such a phone system has all the sophisticated features of a modern phone system, your business will sound like a Fortune 500 company. As a result, you can draw more customers to your business, as well as, increase revenue and productivity.

IP PBX features are uncountable: it’s modules includes —

  •     Account Code
  •     Alternate Number Ring
  •     Digital Attendant
  •     Autodialer
  •     Automatic Attendant
  •     PBX Automatic Line Selection
  •     Automatic Hold
  •     PBX Automatic Redial
  •     Automated directory
  •     Automatic Call Distribution
  •     Barge-In
  •     Billed Calls Only
  •     Boss-secretary functions
  •     PBX Busy Ring
  •     Call Back
  •     Call Center
  •     Call Forwarding
  •     Call Monitoring
  •     Call Recording
  •     Call Return
  •     Call Through
  •     Call Transfer
  •     Call Trace
  •     Call Park
  •     Call Pickup
  •     Call Waiting
  •     Calling ID
  •     PBX Calling Plans
  •     Camp On
  •     Computer Telephony
  •     Conference Call
  •     Consultation Hold
  •     PBX Custom Greeting
  •     PBX Custom Menus
  •     Direct Line, HOT line or Private Line Automatic Ringdown
  •     Disable Call Waiting
  •     Do Not Disturb
  •     Extension Dialing
  •     Extension Mobility
  •     Fax on Demand
  •     Follow Me
  •     Forward on Busy/No Answer
  •     Hunt Groups
  •     PBX Hold
  •     PBX Incoming Only
  •     Incoming Queue
  •     Interactive Voice Response; Automatic call answering and routing
  •     Intercom
  •     Least Cost Routing
  •     Location-Based Routing
  •     Mobility Extension
  •     PBX Music on Hold
  •     Night Answer
  •     Non Supervise
  •     PBX Performance Measurements
  •     Restricted extension
  •     SMS Server
  •     PBX Toll Restriction
  •     Voice Messaging
  •     Voice Broadcasting
  •     Wake-up Call