We don’t just install networks; we innovate and integrate them by first ensuring your physical network wiring and infrastructure will withstand today’s ever increasing bandwidth demands and information technology security threats, from cabling to firewalls, routers to switches, Networks bridging, Network Access Levels, VPN, Network base services such as VOIP and CCTV, Access points, Authentication, User policies, Windows/Linux Service Servers setup, Workstations-Server configurations, Database development, implementation, management and Access Control Management technologies using robust network components and software to assure smooth operations and full administration of your entire Network.

By employing Bil-lander as your network backbone. Your organisation is automatically expose to innovation, first line technical support, network administration and defense solutions which are undoubtedly a prominent driving force in today’s technological world and will continue to dominate years ahead.


Clients rely on our expertise for:

  • Corporate branches interlink
  • Reinforced and affordable Firewall, VPN services breaking distance barriers with 98.9% interlink impediments
  • Cabling and wireless Network design, Installation, Administration and Technical Support
  • Internet/Intranet network security policies implementation
  • Remote site access solutions
  • Live support messaging, Voice and Video calls, Online conference and collaboration
  • Database design and administration
  • Firewall and proxy server solutions
  • System upgrades and data migration
  • Data storage and backup solutions
  • Server/workstation access management technology
  • NComputing
  • Cloud computing
  • Corporate Data centres design and setup
  • OnSite OffSite Data Backup Solutions
  • Web servers | Mail servers | File Servers | Print Servers | DNS servers | Cach/Proxy servers
  • Database servers | Radius servers | ERP/CRM servers | Host/Remote utility systems
  • Auto/Remote backup servers | Intruder alert systems | PBX/VOIP | Routers | Firewalls | VPN